Phi Patch Test

$25.00 +HST


A new revolutionary product that will change your approach to any cosmetic procedure! Phi Patch Test is a way of identifying whether a substance that comes into contact with the skin (a product used during the treatment) causes any kind or inflammation or allergic reaction.

It is recommended that everyone perform a patch test before a procedure is done, so complications can be avoided.

Make sure that your work complies with the highest of safety standards and take the best possible care of your clients!

Test how your clients react to pigment, anesthetic, after care products, tattoo peeling, the Stroke Marker or any other product solution you are using. Results will appear within one hour and you will know if the client is allergic or intolerant to any of the products planned to be used. The test comes with numbered stickers to easily identify and track each of the multiple products you are testing.

The box includes 10, single use patch tests!